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Jessica Swale’s Blue Stockings

It is 1896. Imagine you have mastered 3 years of study at Girton College in Cambridge, England. With honours! But you are not allowed to get a degree. Now, the senate has just agreed to a vote deciding over women’s right to graduate…your right to graduate! And if you win, you could be one of the first…!

Jessica Swale’s play Blue Stockings (2013) takes us to this crucial moment of university history. It follows the fate of four girls and a college mistress on their way to acceptance; an entertaining and exciting play with music and dance, showing how equality in education is worth striving for, even if it means taking a rocky road to success.

Blue Stockings premiered 2012 as a project at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. The first full production opened its gates in 2013, when it was staged at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Since then it became very popular around the world and travelled through many English speaking countries. (As far as we know, our production was the first in Germany.)

The Real Inspector Hamlet

An Entertaining Evening out with William Shakespeare and Tom Stoppard

The TUBS-Players introduce an evening of Tom Stoppard and his interpretations of William Shakespear’s Hamlet as well as Agatha Christie’s The Moustrap. It is a double bill, or almost a treble bill: first, an abridged version of Shakespeare’s (originally 4 hour) revenge tragedy, followed by a short fun version of Stoppard’s The 15-Minute Hamlet (Direction: Maria Marcsek-Fuchs), and the finale with Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound (Direction: Chris Perkins).”


Ideal Husband

Oscar Wilde

12 Angry Men

Reginald Rose