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Come and join us at the faculty jubilee!

The Faculty of Humanities and Studies in Education at the TU Braunschweig is celebrating its 50th birthday. And the TUBS-Players are part of the party (3rd & 4th July 2018). Yesterday we had a wonderful performance of Jessica Swale’s Blue Stockings (excerpts) and a lot of fun dancing with the audience some of the dances we have in our Austen Dances repertoire. Today (at 6:30pm at the Campus Nord) we will show excerpts of our new production: Jessica Swale’s All’s Will That Ends Will. Come and Join us. Program

Welcome to the TUBS Players!

TUBS-Players 2017On the 19th of April we will start a new semester full of theatre. There will be two opportunities for us to be on stage and to perform. And of course, there will be many rehearsals with lots of acting, dancing, practicing your skills as an actor, and fun. So join us! We will meet every Wednesday at 18:45 in “Klingemanns Dach”, the large room under the roof (3rd floor) of 97.1 at the Campus Nord.

Join the TUBS-Players!

Last week the new semester started for the TUBS-Players. A new semester – a new production. If you are interessted in acting or in working back stage, then come to our rehearsels. They take place every wednesday (7pm) in “Klingemanns Dach”.  It’s a large room under the roof (3rd floor) of 97.1 at the Campus Nord.  Everyone is welcome. Acting skills are not necessary.